Sighișoara Medieval Festival

Sighișoara Medieval Festival

Welcome to the world of stories and customs from medieval Transylvania!

At the end of July, in the Sighișoara Fortress, the past is revived, summer after summer, from 1992 until today, thanks to its famous Medieval Festival. All this magic takes place between July 29-31. Under the protection of the old walls, which carry on the burden of hundreds of years of captivating history and on the narrow streets, on the paths imprinted by the traces of historical figures, they appear out of nowhere, feeding the appetite for dramatic stories, precisely those characters who came as if from the script of the most fascinating era in history, the Middle Ages: fearless knights, terrifying wizards, funny clowns, spirits embodied as if from other worlds, but also princesses with incomparable beauties, good fairies and heroes who will lead a silent battle with the forces of evil, to the delight of the spectators.

Edition by edition, at the Medieval Festival we can travel back in time, hundreds of years ago, to ancient, medieval times, when the names of guards, sorcerers, knights, ladies and rulers did not seem simple obsolete terms forgotten in the old chronicles and found by those who are passionate by the subject, in thematic books, or in the ancestor’s stories. The Medieval Sighișoara Festival does its magic number, year after year and brings back to life an era that seemed to be often linked to the phrase: "Once upon a time".

How all this magic happens is not hard to guess. Through the deepest expressions of human creativity, through ART.

Viewers will be visually transposed into the Middle Ages, through the costumes and scenery specific to those times and will forget, for a moment, about everyday life.

A whirlwind of sensations, a dance of the mind, a song that transcends centuries of existence, and a fascinating staging will delight the audience and make them get involved in the artistic act, to truly feel the immortality that can only be achieved through art. The art of theater, the art of dance, the art of music will facilitate the process of multiculturalism and diversity, a goal of utmost importance for the picturesque city of Sighișoara.

From a festival that inspires medievalism through all its pores, the medieval knights, its most representative actors, couldn't be absent. Along with their idealized image, which was an excellent source of inspiration for stories and romanticized movies.

The charming appearance of the ladies in dresses with medieval scent will force the brave knights at a hallucinatory sword blow, to the satisfaction of the public with an appetite for the courtly loves of the past.

With each edition, the Medieval Festival knows how to attract the public, choosing a different theme for each edition, so that both tourists from the country and from abroad will be delighted by the various surprises on the menu of this festival.

The presence of one of the symbols of the fortress, the famous drummer, master of ceremonies and the opener of the fortress, can only animate the audience more, and give an extra touch to all these activities.

His outfit attracts inquisitive looks, and the reply "I said!" which concludes each of his conversations, is not said at all by chance, being inspired by the public processes carried out in the Middle Ages that ended with this imposing statement.

Souvenirs and gifts for loved ones will be found everywhere, local craftsmen will compete to offer those interested objects with a story behind, and more than just objects, they will give them memories that will last for years and years.

The scent of the old days, costumes and decorations inspired by the Middle Ages, medieval atmosphere accompanied by troubadour music and outdoor concerts, picturesque stands with handmade souvenirs and painting exhibitions of talented local artists, are extraordinary premises for a weekend getaway ,both for local tourists and for foreigners.

Sighișoara Medieval Festival 2022 Schedule

Sunday 31.07.2022

Citadel Square Google Maps

10:00 Citadel Guard - The Citadel Drummer and Muhlbach Squires

10:30 Dueling Demonstrations - Terra Ultrasilvana

11:00 Interactive theater for children - Marian RÂLEA and ABRACADABRA

12:30 Sketch - Dances, Spell and Enchantment - SILVANE Fairies


16:00 Street animation - NOSA & SIRIUS

16:30 Fair of captives

17:00 Medieval dances - NOSA

18:00 Statue with an itinerant soul - Marian RÂLEA and ABRACADABRA

18:30 Dances - K-Boom Band, Sighioara Children's Club

19:00 The spirit of the squires and medieval dances - The squires and the ladies of Muhlbach

20:00 Interactive with the audience - Knights of Terra Ultrasilvana

20:30 Theater performance - Legend of the cursed princess - SILVANE Fairies

21:00 Medieval dances - SILVANE Fairies

21:30 Concert - CARGO


Museum Square Google Maps

10:00 Medieval Dances - Paladin Knights of Terra Medies

10:30 Chants from the evil eye - SILVANE Fairies

11:00 Battle Demonstrations - Paladin Knights of Terra Medies

11:30 School of Squires - Squires of Muhlbach

12:00 Carousel with ponies


16:00 Interactive Medieval Games - Paladin Knights of Terra Medies and Terra Ultrasilvana

17:00 The Spirit and School of the Squires - The Squires of Muhlbach

17:30 Magic plants - SILVA Fairies

18:00 Street magic with the Magus of Sighișoara Fortress

18:30 Statue with an itinerant soul - Marian RÂLEA and ABRACADABRA

19:00 Medieval dances - NOSA

20:00 Gun salute

Duckling Square Google Maps

10:00 Leather workshop - bracelets - SILVANE Fairies

12:00 Painting workshop for children - Visual arts teacher Dorin Stanciu


16:00 Painting workshop for children - Visual arts teacher Dorin Stanciu

17:30 Fairy meadow - SILVANE Fairies

18:00 Street entertainment - NOSA & SIRIUS

18:30 School of Squires - Paladin Knights of Terra Medies

19:00 Statue with an itinerant soul - Marian RÂLEA and ABRACADABRA

19:30 Dances - Karisma Band, Sighișoara Children's Club

Shoemaker's Tower Google Maps

10:00 - 21:00 Riding workshop

Fortress Wall Google Maps

10:00 - 19:00 Archery - Paladin Knights of Terra Medies

Old Ladies Corridor Google Maps

10:00 - 22:00 Painting exhibition "Medieval Sighișoara and painting in the Middle Ages"

Museum Square Google Maps

10:00 - 22:00 Exhibition "Medieval Sighișoara in images"

Museum Square (Monastery Church area) Google Maps

10:00 - 22:00 Knight's Camps, Glass Workshop, Leather Workshop, Blacksmith Workshop, Workshop - Medieval Weapons

* Info: The organization is allowed to change the schedule.